Monday, 27 February 2017

LITTLE FINGER AND YOUR PERSONALITY I Palmistry I How To Learn Astrology in Hindi

LITTLE FINGER AND YOUR PERSONALITY I Palmistry I How To Learn Astrology in Hindi LITTLE FINGER AND YOUR PERSONALITY||LOW SET MERCURY FINGER (PALMISTRY) सिर्फ छोटी उंगली देखकर जानिए खुद का भविष्य || Palmistry Tips for Fingers | Learn Palmistry in Hindi By Astrologer / Palmistr rahul kumar Subscribe my channel - The video explains about the little finger also known as mercury finger which helps to determine what kind of a person you are.Mercury finger is associated with communication skills,business acumen and the ability to express love in relationship.In most of the hands,mercury finger or little finger is set low as compared to the base of other fingers.Small little finger,average little finger or long little finger can be determined by comparing with the first and second joint of the Apollo finger and accordingly interpretation changes. The length of the fingers supplies various information about the character. A long-fingered person is analytical and academic, liking to study things in detail. A person with markedly short fingers is very practical and intuitive, liking to go with their gut instinct. When the hands are in proportion it shows a balanced personality.The proportion of the fingers in relation to each other is very important. They each stand for a character marking and indicate the strength of that quality. Star: Persons on whose fingers the sign of star or cross is visible are very fateful and fortunate. They receive wealth in life quite unexpectedly many times. They remain happy from the financial point of view. Net: Fingers with net on them are indicative that the man will meet with more obstacles and difficulties in life. They overcome these difficulties and come unscathed by their sheer will-power. They are less comfortable and less happy in life. Such signs are seen in the hands of culprits and dacoits. Rectangle: If rectangle is seen on the phalange of the finger then the person is laborious. He keeps the Goddess of wealth in his house. He is properous and happy in life. How To Learn Astrology in Hindi is a best Channel for astrology learning, In this channel you'l Learn best astrology. If You want to know about astology, it's a best channel for astrology learning. In this channel i'l provide free analysis of your janampatri, for more information mail me - learn astrology in hindi , learning astrology , astrology courses , astrology classes, learn astrology online , learn jyotish in hindi , learn astrology in tamil , astrology lessons , astrology learning , astrology courses online , astrology course , learn jyotish in hindi free , learn jyotish , study astrology , learning astrology in hindi , online astrology classes ,free learn astrology in hindi online astrology course , learn jyotish shastra , learn jyotish shastra in hindi , astrology online classes , online astrology courses , astrology learning in hindi

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